Lions Head Caves

Like many Capetonians and visitors to our beautiful city, we love hiking up  Cape Town’s famous Lions Head. If you have done it as many times as we have, then you start looking for different things to do… Like explore the various caves and ledges you hear about. 🙂

We managed to find Wally’s Cave quite easily but the others they mention are not quite as easy unless you know where to look. But with a bit of time and scrambling we found Lawry’s Ledge and The Watchmen’s Cave on Thursday. And what a beautiful clear day it was!

Heading up from the bottom path that is hidden unless you know where to look for it. Our favourite path even though the first bit is quite bushy and also quite a steep uphill walk.

Sadly even I am a bit sceptical to tell everyone where to look for the caves, because there are some people out there that just don’t care about nature and believe they must graffiti everything. If you really want to know where the caves are, you are welcome to message me.

The Watchman’s Cave is on the other side of Lions Head. We did think of going to the top, but a very cold wind had come up and we decided to just look for the other cave and skip the top for another day. I still can’t believe we have walked past this cave so many times!

We had our picnic in the Watchmen’s Cave and then took a slow walk back down to our car.

There are a few more small caves but these are the 3 main ones.

Hiking up to the top might only take about hour-and-a-half (depending on your fitness and crowd) but a must if you are new to hiking or visiting Cape Town. The walk up is a bit steep but not too difficult. The climb also involves a steel ladder, an exposed walkway with a chain handrail, a subsequent series of staples and chains (this is optional) and then a final steel ladder on the summit ridge before a scramble to the top. If you don’t do hight’s you can bypass the chain ladder. Instead of up, you can take a level path to the left, to the south-east ridge.  ENJOY THE VIEW!

Even though this is a busy and fairly easy hike…

  • Don’t hike alone
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you are down
  • Take water & a jacket with
  • Wear proper shoes and not flip flops
  • Be considerate of others and nature!

Happy Hiking 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Lions Head Caves

  1. Hello,
    Today we want to hike Lions Head and we think it is great to see the caves , but how can we reach Watchman’s Cave?
    Kind regards,
    Janske and Renee

    1. Hi Renee, sorry for only getting back to you now but I was away. You probably already discovered that the Caves are no longer allowed to be visited due to accidents and people destroying the area 😦

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