Newlands Forest hike with kids

What better way to get the kids out on a lovely winters day. Of course I just had to say the words “Waterfall Coffee” and my grandson had his shoes on and was ready 🙂

I wasn’t sure which route to take but we decided to follow the river as it was more fun for the kids. There are so many routes to take and you really cannot get lost. Somehow you always end up on the main route and you can ask one of the many people walking which way is back to the car park.

Newlands Forest Sign with trail suggestions
Visitors entering the forest from the parking area will come across a sign with information detailing the various hiking trails on offer. This allows you to choose the appropriate route for your needs, factoring in the amount of time you have, your fitness levels, and what you wish to experience during your hike.

We took the first path after the bridge and followed it all the way up to the stone bridge but carried on straight to the contour path and then followed another path all the way along the river until we found a lovely spot to stop for coffee.

It was a short hike but we kept the kids so busy looking for tiny mushrooms in all different colours. There is lots of fungi but we wanted a bright coloured mushroom and as a reward they would get a rusk with their coffee 🙂 We also looked for heart shaped rocks but didn’t find any… only want-to-be-hearts.  While we waited for the water to boil they explored the area to see what they could find. Spider-webs, red leaves, strange branches, worms…

After our stop of about 30 minutes we carried on walking and exploring the paths. We ended up at some old ruin with lots of water running through it. I thought it was an old pump station, but that is near the main path at the entrance. I think this could have something to do with the old saw mill. (Here is a link to some interesting history about some of the ruins found in Newlands forest) Whatever it is we had fun looking around.

From here we followed the main contour path between the trees back to the car park. This was a easy hike and a lovely morning out with the kids! 

Newlands Forest is a picturesque setting for all ages. Whether you’re after a strenuous hike, a short stroll with your dogs, or a day of family fun. We have even had a birthday party there and I believe there have even been wedding ceremonies between the trees 🙂

There are usually plenty of  dog walkers and joggers about on the main routes, making you feel a bit more secure and safe but ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

The Newlands parking area is accessible directly off the M3 highway. Take the turn off to the “Newlands Fire Base” about one kilometres South of the turn-off to Rhodes memorial. There is normally plenty of parking except on a perfect Sunday morning, but a bit of patience and a parking will open up.

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