About Hike Me Happy

After a long break from my blog I have decided to update and start posting some of the hikes I do, once again. Some will be repeats of past hikes but it may give you more information if you are looking at doing the hike or just enjoy looking at new photo’s. 🙂

I love getting out there and being one with nature! By taking lots of photo’s during my hikes, I make time to see more of what is around me and catch my breath at the same time.

I am not much of a writer so you will have to follow my photo’s and short comments to follow my hikes but I will do my best to make suggestions and link you to important sites to better assist you. My hiker buddy, Loraine, often joins me on my hikes and does write an article or two for us. If however, you are really interested in a particular hike & would like more info, please feel free to e-mail me and I will gladly help if I can.

I have been hiking for a few years now so these hikes and pictures are just some of the places I have been to. Most of our hikes are in and around the Cape Province but we may just venture off in other directions. 🙂

When I am not hiking I generally try to have fun with my family and or friends. Some of the things I have done are: Paragliding, Abseiling, Canoeing (Sea and River), Shark Diving, Wine tasting, Wine stomping, Mountain Bike Rides, Supping, Game viewing on a quad bike, Blo-karting, Snorkeling, Fun Walk’s and even trail runs… Yes, I really try to to be an Adventure & Fun loving, Mom and Granny! 🙂

Just in case you would like to know who Hiker babe is… I’m Tania 🙂 Please feel free to have a look at my YouTube video’s and join me on  Instagram.

Thank you for following my hikes and adventures.

Happy Hiking and remember to be safe!

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